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Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

The taps are sharpened on Tool & Cutter Grinder. The taps are installed in the centers. Sharpening is performed along the front edge and along the cutting part. The position of the tap during sharpening along the front edge is fixed with a stop, which rests against the back of the tooth to be sharpened. Grinding wheel are used for sharpening.

The universal grinding machine is the main type of equipment used for sharpening multi-edge tools for countersinks, reamers, cutters and taps. Cutters, hob bits, gear heads and broaches can also be sharpened. The machines are suitable for circular (external and internal) and surface grinding. The machine differs from other grinding machines in that it has a well-thought-out water and air cooling system.

The machine allows you to sharpen all types of cutting tools used in metalworking: milling, turning, drilling, threading, gear cutting tools, etc.)

The machine for sharpening taps is designed for sharpening the back angle of taps with 3 or 4 straight or helical grooves and restoring taps along the intake part with simultaneous removal of the back of the head on the feathers of the tap, and along the front edge. Sharpening of taps with helical grooves on the machine can only be carried out on the front edge. It does not matter whether the thread profile is metric or pipe, sharpening is carried out only on the lead-in taper.

Tool Grinder Features

  • Supports a variety of settings for different tasks.
  • Set of precision guides provides stable and simple machine operation (deviation along the length of the working table from straightness ±0.005 mm per 1 m)..
  • The engine rotates the entire circle, provides improvement of mechanical functionality and increasing scope.
  • Reliable massive bed provides the necessary rigidity, vibration resistance and reliability of the machine, which guarantees high precision tool sharpening. Due to the high weight of the machine, no foundation is required for its installation.
  • The machine can be completed with different devices for various tools grinding.

Tool Grinder Technical Specification

Model RG-600
Longitudinal Travel of Table 182 mm
Horizontal Travel of Table 120 mm
Working Table Area 125 × 520 mm
Vertical Adjustment of Wheel Head 140 mm
Rotating Angle of Wheel Head 360°
Size of Wheel 125 × 50 × 31.75 mm
Speed of Wheel 3600 RPM
Motor 1/2 HP, 110V / 220V / 380V
Net Weight / Gross Weight 150 kg / 190 kg
Packing Size (L × W × H) 750 × 700 × 750 mm

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