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Benefits of using diamond drawing dies

Diamond drawing die is a machine tooling used for drawing copper wire, aluminum wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper-plated steel wire, tungsten wire, precious metal wire.

Also, diamond dies are used in high-speed drawing of ultra-thin magnetic wire, ultra-thin tungsten wire, etc.

Diamond dies are made from high-quality natural or synthetic diamonds, reliably pressed with insert reinforcement, cutting and polishing. They provide excellent quality and a smooth wire surface.

The main advantages of using diamond dies are the excellent surface quality of the finished product, the low coefficient of friction during drawing, and the high wear resistance and durability of the die gauging zone.

TMA diamond drawing dies

Structure and geometry of diamond drawing dies

A diamond die structurally consists of three parts: a stainless steel casing, a sintered matrix, and a diamond insert.

Different types of diamonds can be used in diamond drawing dies:

  • Monocrystalline Natural Diamond ND/ SCND. Monocrystalline dies made from natural diamonds allow you to obtain products of the highest quality and are distinguished by the highest characteristics.
  • Monocrystalline Synthetic Diamond MCD, SCSD. Synthetic diamond does not contain impurities, inclusions and cracks. Used for fine and super fine drawing. They are a more affordable alternative to natural diamond dies.
  • Polycrystalline Diamond PCD. They consist of small particles of synthetic diamonds and metal powder pressed under high temperature into a single composite material. Used for drawing wire from non-ferrous metals, they show themselves especially well in the production of wire of large size.

The die core is filled with a mixture of powdered metal sintered in a special furnace. After reinforcement, the diamond core is securely pressed into a metal casing.

The casing of the die is usually made of stainless steel.

ТМА Diamond Die

structure and geometry of diamond die
The shape of diamond dies depends on the material used - for hard materials and soft materials, the die shape will be different (the figure above is for reference only).

ТМА Diamond Drawing Dies

Technical characteristics of the diamond dies

Diamond dies standard specifications
 Soft Wire ProductsHard Wire Products
Entrance angle, α70°±20°60°±20°
Approach angle, β35°±5°35°±5°
Reduction angle, γ16°±2°14°±2°
Bearing length, D20-50%40-80%
Back relief angle, θ15°±5°15°±5°
Exit angle, ψ50°±20°50°±20°
Soft wire products: copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, gold wire, etc.

Hard wire products: stainless steel wire, copper plated steel wire, galvanized steel wire, brass plated steel wire, tungsten wire, etc.

Standard tolerances and dimensions of diamond die casings
Diamond TypeADDMA CodeDie Size, mmStandard ToleranceStandard Die Casing A×B, mm
ND-<0.04+0 ~ 0.000425×6
0.04 ~ 0.059+0 ~ 0.000525×8
0.06 ~ 0.39+0 ~ 0.00125×8
0.40 ~ 0.79+0 ~ 0.00225×10
0.80 ~ 2.50+0 ~ 0.00325×12
PCDD-60.05 ~ 0.50+0 ~ 0.00125×8
D-120.30 ~ 0.90+0 ~ 0.00225×10
D-150.50 ~ 1.50+0 ~ 0.00225×12
D-180.80 ~ 2.30+0 ~ 0.00325×12
D-211.60 ~ 3.20+0 ~ 0.00430×15
D-242.60 ~ 4.20+0 ~ 0.00530×15
D-273.80 ~ 5.50+0 ~ 0.01055×24
D-304.80 ~ 7.60+0 ~ 0.01055×24
D-336.00 ~ 9.80+0 ~ 0.01560×28
D-368.00 ~ 20.0+0 ~ 0.020 

Ordering Diamond Drawing Dies

To order diamond dies please offer below data:

  • Type of Diamond - ND/ SCND (Monocrystalline Natural Diamond), MD/ SCSD (Monocrystalline Synthetic Diamond) or PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond).
  • Die diameter and tolerance.
  • Die casing size - standard or order-made.
  • Wire material - such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, tungsten, etc.
  • Application сonditions for the drawing dies - as wire drawing (dry / wet), tinning, extrusion, guiding, etc.
  • Inlet wire diameter - the diameter of the wire at the entrance to the diamond die.
  • Blank size for PCD die, for example D-12, D-15 (ADDMA standard).

diamond drawing dies ТМА

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