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Fluteless taps produce threads by deforming the material, thus without any chips. They are suitable for blind and through holes, and their field of application has grown wider, including now aluminum, steel and stainless.

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TiN Coated Rolling Taps with Long Threadvanadium-containing high-speed steel with titanium nitride coating

TiN Coated Rolling Taps with Long Thread

Application of TiN coated rolling taps with long thread

Suitable for both steel and non-ferrous alloys. And it could be used in tapping Machine, Auto Lathe, CNC, etc

Tool Material Type: Vanadium-containing High-Speed Steel (HSSE)

Surface treatment: TiN (Titanium Nitride).

TiN coated rolling taps features

  • Capable of high-speed cutting and efficient tapping
  • Offer drastically improved durability
  • Applicable for use where the tapping length can not be reached with a standard length tap application

Attention! Threading with fluteless tap is only applicable for stringy materials

Working Material and Cutting Speed

Working MaterialBlind holeThrough holesuitable cutting
speed (m/min)
Working MaterialBlind holeThrough holesuitable cutting
speed (m/min)
Low Carbon Steels
ExcellentExcellent8~13Brass castings/Brass
Medium Carbon Steels
High Carbon Steels
ExcellentExcellent5~8Aluminum Rolled
Alloy steels
GoodGood5~8Aluminum alloy castings
Hardened Steels
GoodGood-Magnesium alloy casting
Stainless Steels
Good 5~10Zinc castings
Cast Steel
GoodGood-Titanium Alloys
Cast Iron
  -Nickel alloys
High Tension Cast Iron
  -Thermosetting Plastic


Смазочно-охлаждающие жидкостиWorking Material
NON-WATER SOLUBLECarbon steels (low,medium,high), Alloy steels, Hardened Steels, Stain steels, Cast steels, Cast iron, Ductile cast, Cooper, Brass, Brass casting, Bronze, Aluminum Rolled, Aluminum alloy casting, Masnesium alloy casting, Zinc alloy casting
WATER SOLUBLECarbon steels (low,medium,high), Alloy steels, Hardened Steels, Stain steels, Cast steels, Cast iron, Ductile cast, Cooper, Brass, Brass casting, Bronze, Aluminum Rolled, Aluminum alloy casting, Masnesium alloy casting, Zinc alloy casting, Thermosetting Plastic, Thermoplastic
SEMI-DRYCast iron, Ductile cast, Brass, Brass casting, Thermosetting Plastic
DRYCast iron, Brass, Brass casting, Thermosetting Plastic

Ordering of TiN Coated Rolling Taps with Long Thread

Metric thread
RG NO.Thread SizeTAP LimitChamfer (lc)Total Length (L)Thread Length (l)Shank Dia. (Ds)
105283M1 X 0.25RH3P3063
104283M1 X 0.25RH3B3063
105284M1 X 0.25RH4P3063
104284M1 X 0.25RH4B3063
105285M1 X 0.25RH5P3063
104285M1 X 0.25RH5B3063
105353M1.2 X 0.25RH3P3263
104353M1.2 X 0.25RH3B3263
105354M1.2 X 0.25RH4P3263
104354M1.2 X 0.25RH4B3263
105355M1.2 X 0.25RH5P3263
104355M1.2 X 0.25RH5B3263
105423M1.4 X 0.3RH3P346.53
104423M1.4 X 0.3RH3B346.53
105424M1.4 X 0.3RH4P346.53
104424M1.4 X 0.3RH4B346.53
105425M1.4 X 0.3RH5P346.53
104425M1.4 X 0.3RH5B346.53
105493M1.6 X 0.35RH3P3673
104493M1.6 X 0.35RH3B3673
105494M1.6 X 0.35RH4P3673
104494M1.6 X 0.35RH4B3673
105495M1.6 X 0.35RH5P3673
104495M1.6 X 0.35RH5B3673
156302M1.7 X 0.35RH3P36103
156304M1.7 X 0.35RH3B36103
128851M1.7 X 0.35RH4P36103
128852M1.7 X 0.35RH4B36103
156306M2 X 0.4RH3P40113
156309M2 X 0.4RH3B40113
156307M2 X 0.4RH4P40113
156310M2 X 0.4RH4B40113
128853M2 X 0.4RH5P40113
128854M2 X 0.4RH5B40113
128740M2 X 0.4RH5.5B40113
128855M2 X 0.4RH6P40113
128856M2 X 0.4RH6B40113
128745M2 X 0.4RH6.5B40113
128845M2 X 0.4RH7B40113
128750M2.3 X 0.4RH4P42113
128751M2.3 X 0.4RH4B42113
128857M2.3 X 0.4RH5P42113
128858M2.3 X 0.4RH5B42113
156314M2.5 X 0.45RH3P44153
156317M2.5 X 0.45RH3B44153
156315M2.5 X 0.45RH4P44153
156318M2.5 X 0.45RH4B44153
128756M2.5 X 0.45RH5P44153
156326M2.5 X 0.45RH5B44153
128757M2.5 X 0.45RH5.5B44153
128859M2.5 X 0.45RH6P44153
128860M2.5 X 0.45RH6B44153
128759M2.5 X 0.45RH6.5B44153
128846M2.5 X 0.45RH7B44153
156320M2.6 X 0.45RH3P44153
156323M2.6 X 0.45RH3B44153
All table dimensions in mm.

Metric thread
RG NO.Thread SizeTAP LimitChamfer (lc)Total Length (L)Thread Length (l)Shank Dia. (Ds)
156321M2.6 X 0.45RH4P44153
156324M2.6 X 0.45RH4B44153
128760M2.6 X 0.45RH5P44153
128761M2.6 X 0.45RH5B44153
128763M2.6 X 0.45RH5.5B44153
128861M2.6 X 0.45RH6P44153
128862M2.6 X 0.45RH6B44153
128764M2.6 X 0.45RH6.5B44153
128847M2.6 X 0.45RH7B44153
156331M3 X 0.5RH3P46184
156327M3 X 0.5RH3B46184
156332M3 X 0.5RH4P46184
156328M3 X 0.5RH4B46184
128865M3 X 0.5RH5P46184
156329M3 X 0.5RH5B46184
128863M3 X 0.5RH6P46184
128864M3 X 0.5RH6B46184
128765M3 X 0.5RH6.5B46184
128849M3 X 0.5RH7P46184
128850M3 X 0.5RH7B46184
128866M3 X 0.5RH8B46184
156334M3.5 X 0.6RH3P48154
156336M3.5 X 0.6RH3B48154
128867M3.5 X 0.6RH6P48154
128868M3.5 X 0.6RH6B48154
128871M3.5 X 0.6RH7B48154
156338M4 X 0.7RH4P52205
156341M4 X 0.7RH4B52205
156353M4 X 0.7RH5P52205
156354M4 X 0.7RH5B52205
156339M4 X 0.7RH6P52205
156342M4 X 0.7RH6B52205
128869M4 X 0.7RH7P52205
128870M4 X 0.7RH7B52205
128873M4 X 0.7RH8B52205
156344M5 X 0.8RH4P60225.5
156347M5 X 0.8RH4B60225.5
156345M5 X 0.8RH6P60225.5
156348M5 X 0.8RH6B60225.5
128766M5 X 0.8RH7P60225.5
128767M5 X 0.8RH7B60225.5
128875M5 X 0.8RH8P60225.5
128876M5 X 0.8RH8B60225.5
156350M6 X 1RH4P62246
156352M6 X 1RH4B62246
128770M6 X 1RH6P62246
128771M6 X 1RH6B62246
128772M6 X 1RH7P62246
128773M6 X 1RH7B62246
128879M6 X 1RH8P62246
128880M6 X 1RH8B62246
All table dimensions in mm.

U-Type thread
RG NO.Thread SizeTAP LimitChamfer (lc)Total Length (L)Thread Length (l)Shank Dia. (Ds)
107033NO.1 - 64 UNCRH3P36113
106033NO.1 - 64 UNCRH3B36113
107034NO.1 - 64 UNCRH4P36113
106034NO.1 - 64 UNCRH4B36113
107035NO.1 - 64 UNCRH5P36113
106035NO.1 - 64 UNCRH5B36113
107043NO.1 - 72 UNFRH3P36113
106043NO.1 - 72 UNFRH3B36113
107044NO.1 - 72 UNFRH4P36113
106044NO.1 - 72 UNFRH4B36113
107045NO.1 - 72 UNFRH5P36113
106045NO.1 - 72 UNFRH5B36113
156502NO.2 - 56 UNCRH3P42113
156504NO.2 - 56 UNCRH3B42113
129309NO.2 - 56 UNCRH4P42113
129310NO.2 - 56 UNCRH4B42113
129311NO.2 - 56 UNCRH5P42113
129312NO.2 - 56 UNCRH5B42113
156506NO.4 - 40 UNCRH3P44123
156508NO.4 - 40 UNCRH3B44123
129317NO.4 - 40 UNCRH5P44123
129318NO.4 - 40 UNCRH5B44123
129319NO.4 - 40 UNCRH51B44123
129315NO.4 - 40 UNCRH6P44123
129316NO.4 - 40 UNCRH6B44123
129322NO.4 - 40 UNCRH7B44123
156511NO.6 - 32 UNCRH3P48184
156514NO.6 - 32 UNCRH3B48184
129324NO.6 - 32 UNCRH5P48184
156515NO.6 - 32 UNCRH5B48184
129325NO.6 - 32 UNCRH6P48184
129326NO.6 - 32 UNCRH6B48184
129327NO.6 - 32 UNCRH7P48184
129328NO.6 - 32 UNCRH7B48184
129330NO.6 - 32 UNCRH8B48184
156517NO.8 - 32 UNCRH4P52205
156519NO.8 - 32 UNCRH4B52205
156520NO.8 - 32 UNCRH5P52205
156518NO.8 - 32 UNCRH5B52205
129333NO.8 - 32 UNCRH6P52205
129334NO.8 - 32 UNCRH6B52205
129336NO.8 - 32 UNCRH7P52205
129335NO.8 - 32 UNCRH7B52205
156521NO.10 - 24 UNCRH4P60225.5
156523NO.10 - 24 UNCRH4B60225.5
156536NO.10 - 24 UNCRH6P60225.5
156537NO.10 - 24 UNCRH6B60225.5
129341NO.10 - 24 UNCRH7P60225.5
129342NO.10 - 24 UNCRH7B60225.5
156525NO.10 - 32 UNFRH4P60225.5
156527NO.10 - 32 UNFRH4B60225.5
129343NO.10 - 32 UNFRH7P60225.5
129344NO.10 - 32 UNFRH7B60225.5
1565291/4 - 20 UNCRH6P62246
1565311/4 - 20 UNCRH6B62246
1293551/4 - 20 UNCRH7P62246
1293561/4 - 20 UNCRH7B62246
1565331/4 - 28 UNFRH5P62246
1565351/4 - 28 UNFRH5B62246
1293571/4 - 28 UNFRH7P62246
1293581/4 - 28 UNFRH7B62246
All table dimensions in mm.