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Purpose and features of nut taps

Nut taps are used to cut through threads in nuts in one pass without screwing the nuts by threading them onto the shank end. Used on special Automatic Nuts Tapping Machine.

  • Due to the long length of nut taps, which makes them difficult to manufacture, especially when grinding threads, they are often made composite: a short cutting and a long tail are made separately, and then they are connected by friction welding, soldering or using a thread.
  • Nut Taps with bent shanks are used for threading nuts on automatic machines with a continuous cycle. Blanks of nuts are fed from the hopper into the cutting zone and, after threading, go down the bent shank into the tray.
  • Coupler Type Nib Taps are used for cutting threads on automatic nuts tapping machines in carbon steel nuts and cold formed nuts.
  • Composite Nib Tap Bent Shank with Coupler are manufactured with M8 ~ M64 metric thread, U 5/16~2-1/2" US thread, W 5/16~2-1/2" inch W thread.
  • The standard thread length is 25 threads.
  • Connecting taps with bent shanks by couplers could lower the possibilies of tap breakage caused by the strong torgue.
  • Tap nib and bent Shank are connected by coupler mechanically. If overload is given to tap in tapping, coupler will break itself and keep tap nib and bent shank free from breakage.
  • To meet customers' requirements, we are able to design and manufacture taps or couplers per the samples offered.
  • Tool Material Type:Vanadium-containing High-Speed Steel (HSSE) .
  • Surface treatment of nut taps: Titanium Nitride (TiN) or Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN).
  • The nut taps are manufactured with GH accuracy class (13 µm).


Outlook & Drawing of Coupler Type Nib Taps

Coupler Type Nib Taps размеры метчика Coupler Type Nib Taps Titanium Nitride (TiN) Titanium Carbon Nitride  (TiCN)
Thread Length B:
  • nut taps for hot forged nuts with thread length up to 28 threads;
  • nut taps for cold formed nuts with thread length up to 25 threads;
  • special nut taps with thread length up to 30, 32, 36 threads, etc.


Thread SpecificationB
Thread Length
Shank Thread (M)
28 treads25 treads
M12 × 1.253531.3M7.5 × 1.25
M12 × 1.54237.5
M12 × 1.754943.8
M14 × 1.54237.5M9.6 × 1.25
M14 × 25650
M16 × 1.54237.5M10 × 1.5
M16 × 25650
M18 × 25650M12 × 1.5
M18 × 2.57062.5
M20 × 1.54237.5M13.9 × 2
M20 × 2.57062.5


Thread SpecificationB
Thread Length
Shank Thread (M)
28 treads25 treads
M22 × 1.54237.5M15.8 × 2.5
M22 × 2.57062.5
M24 × 38475M17 × 2.5
M27 × 38475M22 × 3
M30 × 38475M24 × 3
M33 × 38475M27 × 3
1/2-13UNC54.748.8M7.5 × 1.25
9/16-12UNC59.352.9M9.6 × 1.25
5/8-11UNC64.757.7M10 × 1.5


Thread SpecificationB
Thread Length
Shank Thread (M)
28 treads25 treads
5/8-18UNF39.535.3M10 × 1.5
3/4-10UNC71.163.5M14 × 2
7/8-9UNC7970.6M15.8 × 2.5
1"-8UNC88.979.4M20 × 3
1"1/8-7UN   C101.690.7M22 × 3
1"1/4-7UNC101.690.7M24 × 3