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We can produce all kinds of Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches with coatings according to standards such as DIN, ISO, ANSI, BS, GB, JIS, or your drawings.

TMA Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches TMA Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches TMA Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches TMA Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches TMA Six-Lobe (Torx) Punches

Ordering second header punches

When ordering you must specify the following:

  1. Material stamped metal products (carbon or stainless steel, or others.)
  2. Type of fastener’s head, standardized (JIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO, etc.)
  3. The outer diameter and length of the punch D × L.
  4. Coating of punch working part:
    • uncoated
    • TiN (Titanium nitride) coating - yellow coated
    • ALiXCN (aluminum + titanium + chromium + nitride) coating – black coated (increases tool life by 20-25%)
    • TiCN, (titanium carbide nitride) – blue-gray coated
    • TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) – gray-blue or dark gray or violet-gray coated
    • Alcrona (AlCrN) ( aluminum chromium nitride) – blue-gray coated, is a titanium-free coating for a wide range of processing and forming applications. Alcrona has excellent wear resistance at low speeds and feeds and under high mechanical stress. At higher speeds where rigidity and oxidation resistance are important, Alcrona outperforms titanium-based coatings with operating temperatures up to 1100°C

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